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Building Materials Supplier: Comprehensive Range of Products

If you want to save on building costs, it is best to order your materials from a single trusted supplier near you. With our firm located in Gauteng, we are able to supply large quantities of building materials, including river sand and crushed stone. Have a look at our range of products to get an indication of the types of building material you can order for bulk delivery from us as a well-established and reputable supplier in Gauteng.

Crushed Stone

Everything from unselected dump rock to gabion rock and boulders form part of our product offering. The aggregates in this category are used in applications such as road construction, asphalt mixes, builder mixes, ready-mix concrete, and landscaping. The unselected dump rock is used for applications such as gabion walls, foundations, landscaping, filling, and earthworks, amongst others. Selected dump rock such as gabion rock is used for retaining walls, erosion control, landscaping, gabion walls, filling, and foundations. We are also asupplierof boulders consisting of unscreened and uncrushed stone for earthworks, filling, landscaping, and erosion control.


Sand is an important – and base building material – used in construction projects. We are a well-known supplier of sand in Gauteng. The sand products are responsibly sourced and include everything from crushed and super sand to plaster, building, and river sand. Owners of horse arenas benefit from our high-quality river sand, which we can deliver in bulk to their premises.

The sand is used in applications ranging from cement mixes for bricklaying to road-construction applications. We supply super sand for the making of slabs, blocks, and lintels and for the texturing of paving. The plaster-sand products are used for plastering, cement mixes, the filling of holes, and the levelling of landscaped areas. The river sand is used for concrete mixes and for footing in horse arenas, in addition to topping and plastering.

Sub-Base Materials

As a bulk supplier in Gauteng, our product offering includes a range of sub-base materials specifically for the civil and construction industries. These products are used for the support of structures such as roads and pavements. All the products in this category comply with COLTO specifications. In addition, all the products in the category are tested in well-known and accredited laboratories.

With many more products available, we are the go-to supplier of quality building materials in Gauteng. View our product range and get in touch for quotes and delivery information.

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Top Factors to Consider in Choosing River Sand Suppliers

Partnering with reliable river sand suppliers can help you to complete projects on time with quality products and within your budget. We briefly look at the top factors to consider in choosing suppliers in South Africa to ensure you can achieve your building goals within your budget and on time.

Delivery in Your Area of Operation

Location makes a difference when you have to choose river sand suppliers. Cost savings are essential in any construction project. If the river sand suppliers are close by or make regular deliveries to your region, you can expect to pay less for delivery. If you are busy with a project in Gauteng, you will thus want to make use of Gauteng-based river sand suppliers. To this end, you will be glad to know that our company is located in Gauteng and provides bulk delivery to clients across the province on a regular basis. You can thus expect competitive prices.

On-Time Delivery

Planning a project to meet scheduled construction deadlines includes planning for the delivery of raw materials to the construction site. It is essential to order aggregates well in advance for specific delivery days to minimise the risk of workflow interruptions. To this end, you will appreciate our professional and friendly sales consultants who build long-lasting business relationships because of their commitment to service delivery. We boast exceptionally fast turnaround times because we have a large fleet of trucks for bulk deliveries. However, scheduling in advance is still recommended.

Bulk Orders

Thesuppliers you choose must be able to deliver the quantities and types of materials you need. Our focus is on bulk deliveries. As such, you have the assurance that we can handle extremely large orders for river sand.

Competitive Pricing

As mentioned earlier, cost management is essential for the success of any construction project. We recognise the importance of affordable materials for the building and roadworks industries. Our prices are competitive and we deliver quality river sand. You thus get the products delivered in the quantities required at affordable prices without the risk of compromise on the quality of the materials.

Proven Track Record

Anyone can make claims of service delivery but a company that has been around for a few years has proven their stability. We have a proven record of service and product excellence in Gauteng.

If you are thus looking to partner with one of the well-established and trusted river sand suppliers in Gauteng, consider our range of products, affordable pricing, bulk delivery, and fast turnaround time.

Supplier of Sand and Stone for Building Sites in Gauteng

With an extensive product offering and a large fleet of well-maintained trucks, we are a trusted building-materials supplier in Gauteng. We deliver orders of 25 m3 and more to construction, mining, roadworks, developments, and large residential development sites. Our product offering is extensive and includes various types of building materials, some of which are briefly noted below.

Crushed Stone

As a trustedsupplier, we know the importance of quality when it comes to raw materials. To this end, we supply crushed stone, blasted in a mine-licensed site. We screen the crushed stone to various sizes to meet the construction needs of a range of clients. The 9,5 mm crushed stone is used for asphalt projects such as road construction. We are also a provider of 13-mm stone, which is used widely in builder mix and ready-mix products, as well as landscaping projects. The 19- or 22-mm crushed stone is also used for landscaping and ready-mix applications. We are a provider of unselected dump rock for filling, landscaping, gabion walls, and foundations, in addition to earthworks. We are also a provider of gabion rock for the buildingof gabion walls, filling, retaining walls, landscaping, erosion control, and earthworks. Clients benefit from having a trusted provider of boulders for earthworks, erosion control, landscaping, and filling.


We offer several types of sand to suit various applications. Whether you need sand for a horse arena, plastering, or concrete mixes, you will appreciate our ability to deliver in bulk, and with a fast turnaround time. We supply responsibly sourced materials. Clients can order anything from crushed sand and unwashed plaster sand to washed river sand and buildingsand. Our competitive prices make us one of the preferred service providers in Gauteng.


We are a trusted supplier of sub-base materials that comply with COLTO specifications. These are tested in accredited laboratories. Suited for applications such as the support structures for pavements and roads, these products include:

  • G1 and G2 for road-construction projects.
  • G4 and G5 as filling under roads.
  • G6 and G7 as coarse base under roads.
  • G9 and unselected filling that consists of natural materials.

Bagged Products

We are also asupplier of bagged products including the likes of premix, sand, and crushed stone.

Whether you need a building-materials supplier in Gauteng for a residential project or for a large development, get in touch with us to discuss your particular needs.

Why Choose Us as River-Sand Suppliers in Gauteng?

River Sand

Finding reliable river sand suppliers in Gauteng is crucial if you are a building contractor, project manager, or developer. Superior quality, competitive pricing, and ability to deliver in bulk are factors to consider when having to choose among the various suppliers. Fortunately, we meet and exceed all the requirements. Regardless of the type of aggregates required, you can rely on us to deliver the quantity you need at your premises in Gauteng. We have a large fleet of well-maintained trucks for delivery of orders from 25 m3 and more. With such large volumes, you want the assurance that your supplier can deliver on time. We also don’t disappoint in this regard – with enough trucks for delivery to various sites around Gauteng, you have the assurance of availability and a fast turnaround time.

We are also suppliers of other aggregates for use in the construction and road-building industries. The product offering includes, but is not limited to:

  • Building, crushed, and super sand;
  • Unwashed and washed plaster sand; and
  • Washed river sand.

Apart from these, we also deliver:

  • Crushed stone;
  • Bagged products; and
  • Sub-base materials.

In the crushed-stone category, we are suppliers of:

  • Gabion rock;
  • Unselected dump rock; and
  • Boulders.

In terms of bagged products, we supply 40-kg bags of:

  • Various types of sand;
  • Crushed stone;
  • Premix;
  • Topsoil; and
  • Compost.

When it comes to boulders, we supply:

  • G1 and G2;
  • G4 and G5;
  • G6 and G7; and
  • G9 and unselected filling.

Value-Added Services

Knowing how important it is to keep projects within specific time limits, we offer an exceptionally valuable service to contractors and building site managers. Our building materials and rubble-removal services make it possible to have site clearance performed before, during, and after building projects. This service helps clients save time and money associated with site clearance. They can focus on the projects at hand while we clear the sites. With a full range of products and services to meet client requirements, it becomes clear why we are one of the leading building and river-sand suppliers in Gauteng. Our sales consultants are here to help you choose the right products and assist in scheduling delivery of the products to your sites at the appropriate time. In addition, clients are rewarded for loyalty with special discounts.

Join the ranks of clients receiving superior quality products and services from one of the best river-sand suppliers in Gauteng. Get in touch for more information about our products, truck hire options, and affordable prices.

Why Would You Choose Sand Masters as Your Aggregate Material Suppliers in Gauteng?

If you are looking for aggregate material suppliers in Gauteng, you will be pleased to learn that we are a well-established bulk aggregate material supplier with a proven record of accomplishment of delivering to the construction industry. We handle minimum loads of 25 m3 order.

With our large trucks, we are able to deliver large quantities on relatively short notice. As it is important to stay on schedule, you will thus appreciate our timely response to bulk orders. What also sets us apart from many other aggregate material suppliers in Gauteng is our commitment to offer affordable prices. We understand the importance of keeping costs low to ensure profitability in construction projects without having to compromise on quality. To this end, we keep to our promise of low prices.

Since crushed aggregate forms an integral part in providing the bulk for concrete mixes, ensuring hardening at the correct level, you will want to buy from material suppliers that understand the importance of quality and consistency in supply. The concrete must be able to withstand various forces and it is thus essential to ensure that you use only good-quality aggregate, especially since crushed aggregate makes up anything from 60-75% of the ready-mix volume. The quality of the aggregate also plays an important role in the strength and stability of the concrete mix.

Furthermore, the aggregates used have an affect on the permeability of the materials and thus the weatherproofing of materials for projects ranging from freeways to bridges, parking areas, large roof slabs, and pavements. It is for this reason that we provide various types of aggregate, including crushed rock and sand in the various size ranges. As such, we are able to meet the raw material needs for your large construction projects. Whether your firm requires the aggregates for mortar, asphalt mix, or concrete mix you can rely on us to meet your bulk-material needs.

We offer sizes ranging from grain to cobble and even larger. It does not matter if it is for a new golf course where you need sand traps or for a modern high-rise building in Sandton, we are able to deliver the quantity required. Give us a call to learn more about our range of products, the superb prices that we offer, and the quality you can expect from Sand Masters as experienced bulk aggregate material suppliers in Gauteng.

Why Buy Only from A Building-Materials Supplier Offering Top-Quality Aggregates?

Using the right aggregates for the particular construction project is essential for the integrity of a building. This is true whether you build a dam, lay paving, construct storage facilities or animal shelters, or build a house. So, it makes sense to order the right basematerials from a trusted supplier that can deliver to your site in Gauteng.

Whether building without the help of a structural engineer or with a professional team of contractors, architects, and engineering input, you need an aggregate building-materials supplier that can deliver the grade and required type of aggregate in bulk to your site. We meet and exceed the requirement with our extensive range of materials and our large fleet of trucks for bulk deliveries anywhere in Gauteng.

Keep in mind that sand mixed with organic materials, such as the sand that can be found on a farm, is not a suitable aggregate. You want specific workability and particle sizes, shapes, and consistency for your application. To this end, rather purchase from a supplier that provides the required graded sand. Any compromise on the base materials, even for plastering, can lead to structural durability deficiencies.

For instance, sand containing impurities can be problematic. The impurities compromise the ability of the sand to mix with the cement. Sand that sticks if you hold it in a fist after it has dried is not suitable for plastering. All our products meet specific grading standards; as such, regardless of the building materials you order from us, you can trust us to deliver the quantity and quality required – on time.

This brings us to another important point. On-time delivery of the right quantity aggregate is essential to minimise construction delays. With a fast turnaround time and enough trucks in our fleet, we can handle several large deliveries daily.

We are a supplier of an extensive product range, including:

  • Crushed stone;
  • Sand;
  • Sub-basematerials; and
  • Bagged products.

We provide crushed stone, which is crushed in a licensed mining environment. We offer everything from stone ranging in size from 9,5 to 22 mm and gabion rock to unselected dump rock and boulders. We offer washed river sand and both washed and unwashed plaster sand, super sand, crushed sand, and silica sand. You can also order sub-base materials from us. Our product offering is extensive. In addition, we offer services such as the removal of building rubble from construction sites.

Don’t compromise on the quality of your building materials. Partner with a trusted supplierin Gauteng. Get in touch to discuss your sand and aggregate needs.

Aggregate Suppliers: Why River Sand for Building?

Why should you use river as opposed to sea sand for plastering and building construction? Surely sand can be found in abundance on South African beaches? True, but with the high salt content of the beach or sea material, the integrity of building structures would be compromised if this was used and that is why you need suppliers that can provide river sand in Gauteng.

The salt in the sea material absorbs moisture from its surroundings. This is problematic when it comes to using the material as a building aggregate, as the saltiness and moisture create a sticky material that makes it difficult to work with as a concrete aggregate. In addition, the high level of chloride ions in the material leads to premature steel corrosion. With it also generally being finer than river sand, the texture and particle sizes compromise the durability of the building or road, if it is used in construction. It just makes sense to use river sand suppliers if you want the best possible building aggregates.

Pit, river, and crushed or artificially created aggregates are far more suitable for building and construction purposes. Pit aggregates are reddish to slightly brown or orange and feature sharp and angular particles. These characteristics make the material well-suited for concrete mixes. River sand, as available from us as one of the leading bulk-aggregate suppliers in Gauteng, has a finer texture. It can be made through a wash plant at a quarry as well. Its colour is white to grey, while the particle shape is generally round. This is an excellent material for plaster purposes. Thanks to its particle shape, it is also well-suited for horse-riding arenas.

Artificially created aggregate is made through a crushing process. Granite and basalt rock are crushed to create the right material in compliance with the requirements of specific IS codes. The material is widely used in construction projects. As leading suppliers in the province, we meet a wide variety of aggregate needs. To this end, you will appreciate our range of aggregates, classified according to grades, from very fine to very coarse. Our company supplies in bulk to engineering firms, construction companies, mines, horse-arena owners, and developers across Gauteng.

We have a large fleet of well-maintained trucks for deliveries. With a fast turnaround time, superb quality, and an extensive range of aggregates at affordable prices, we should rank at the top of your list of river-sand suppliers.

We are Suppliers of River Sand for Delivery to Equestrian Centres and Building Sites

If you are developing or upgrading a horse-riding arena, you will know that the footing material is extremely important. Choose the wrong footing and you have problems with the surface becoming waterlogged or having too many small stones that cause problems for the horses – or particles causing dust issues. So, your first step should be to find trusted river-sand suppliers in Gauteng. Quality river sand of the correct particle size and consistency is affordable and, therefore, ideal for such a large space. It is also an excellent footing, offering the required stability, good resistance to dust formation, good drainage, and ease of maintenance.

Fortunately, you don’t have to search far, as we are one of the leading suppliers in the province. With a large fleet of well-maintained trucks, we are able to deliver river sand in large quantities to horse arenas anywhere in the province. What further sets us apart from other suppliers is the competitive prices we charge, making it affordable to resurface your horse arena. We are able to supply at an affordable price because we supply in bulk to the construction industry for concrete and cement-and-mortar production purposes. River sand is also a superb material for plastering, topping, filler for concrete mixes, hydroponics, and even bonsai plants.

When it thus comes to gardening, tunnel farming, and horticulture applications, you will be glad to know that we don’t just do large quantities but offer bagged products as well. This means you can get the same quality materials we supply in bulk also in smaller, bags of 40 kg from our facility in Lanseria. For landscaping on large estates, we can deliver in bulk quantities. We offer transport hire services, should you need to get materials for your hydroponic farm operations.

Do you need to build horse stables in addition to upgrading or developing a horse arena? Apart from being leading providers of building materials in Gauteng, we supply red and brown building sand, specifically for bricklaying work. As such, you can obtain the necessary materials for the building of an equestrian centre from the same provider and thereby save time and money when ordering your building materials.

Whether you need crushed stone, washed or unwashed river sand, or sub-base materials, you can rely on us as trusted materials suppliers to deliver in large quantities to your site at an affordable price. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and place an order for delivery.

Supplier of Building Materials in Gauteng That Delivers to Your Construction Site

Are you looking for a trustworthy building-materials supplier in Gauteng? Look no further. With a fleet of well-maintained trucks, we can deliver bulk sand, rock, and related aggregates to sites anywhere in Gauteng. We are in Lanseria, from where we handle deliveries across the province. As a bulk supplier, we are focused on bulk delivery of sand, crushed stone, sub-base materials, and bagged products.

Our clients range from large construction companies to small, independent contractors and homeowners building residential homes. Sand buyers include horse farms and riding schools. In addition, we deliver sand in bulk for school playgrounds. Landscape architects and developers make use of our bagged products, crushed stone, and sand. As a supplier, we offer value-added services such as rubble removal and transport anywhere in Gauteng. Businesses in mining, engineering, road construction, and more also make use of our products and services.

  • Sand. The sand available from us is screened according to relevant specifications. Products range from building and crushed sand to plaster and super, unwashed, and washed river sand. Everything is responsibly sourced to ensure superior quality, consistency, and environmentally ethical mining.
  • Crushed stone. We provide crushed stone, blasted and crushed in a licensed mining-operations facility. The stone is screened according to set procedures. We supply crushed stone ranging in size from 9,5 to 22 mm. Unselected dump rock, gabion rock, and boulders are also available.
  • Sub-base materials. We are a leading supplier to the civil-engineering and construction industries in Gauteng. These materials are suitable for structural support in paving and road construction. All the sub-base specifications are in compliance with COLTO and are tested at accredited labs. We offer G1 and G2 sub-base materials.
  • Bagged products. For smaller and DIY projects, we offer bagged products, bagged at our facility of exactly the same quality than what we supply in bulk to construction clients. The products come in bags of 40 kg and range from crushed stone and plaster sand to washed and unwashed river sand, unwashed silica sand, and super sand. For landscape work, we provide topsoil and compost in bags as well.
  • Rubble Removal. Keeping the construction site clear of rubble can be a daunting task. To this end, you will appreciate ourrubble-removal services.

As a supplier of building materials with a proven track record of service delivery, we proud ourselves on our fast turnaround time, affordable services, and quality products. Get in touch for more information about any of the products and services we offer.

Gabion Stone Supplier

Bulk Stone Supplier in Gauteng: Uses of Gabion

As a leading gabion stone supplier in Gauteng, we deliver bulk quantities to construction, engineering, roadworks, and landscaping sites.

As a leading sand and stone supplier, we offer the following:

  • Selected dump rock consisting of screened crushed stone in sizes from 80 to 200 mm. The material is used for erosion control, landscaping, earthworks, retaining walls, filling, and gabion walls.
  • Unselected dump rock consisting of unscreened crushed stone in sizes ranging from 1 to 200 mm for landscaping, earthworks, filling, walls, and foundations.
Gabion Stone

Gabion Baskets

The rocks are often used for walls and retaining walls. In this type of application, the dump rock is placed in specially manufactured cages. The materials as available from us as a bulk supplier in Gauteng, are extremely strong and can take a lot of compressive force. These systems have a low environmental impact, as trees and other plants can be planted to cover the gabion. The dump rock does not require the creation of holes to release water pressure behind the retaining structure. With significantly more pore space for water to flow through, they are ideal for landscaping applications and to prevent rockfalls on mountain passes.

Other Uses

The dump rock has a long history of applications, such as gravity retainer walls, reinforcement of soil, the lining of water channels, as part of structures for training rivers, and for the protection of dam embankments. The rock is also used in culvert construction, as part of bio-filler systems, in hydro-chamber applications, and for crusher walls in mines. The gabion is likewise used in landscaping to create retainer and landscape walls. The mass-gravity type, also known as the dry wall, is used for applications such as river mattresses, whilst the wet wall is used where the riverbed has soft soil and a more flexible mattress is needed. The rock is, furthermore, used to stabilise embankments to reduce the risk of rockfalls down the slope.

Why Buy from Us?

As a well-established supplier of rocks, crushed stone, and sand materials in Gauteng, we understand which materials are best suited for particular applications. To this end, clients can rely on us to provide them with premium-quality materials relevant to their particular projects. We have a large fleet of trucks serving all areas in Gauteng. Our product stable is extensive and we can provide in bulk quantities and at affordable prices. The products are of excellent quality and we deliver on time. In addition, we offer site-clearance services.

Give us a call and discover why so many companies already make use of Sand Masters as a leading sand and gabion stone supplier in Gauteng.