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River Sand as An Important Material for Sustainable Building

River sand is an essential part of construction projects because of the texture, hardness, and size of the material. River sand provides strength to a constructed structure because of its hardness and its composition of exceptionally fine particles.


River sand is gathered from the banks of rivers. However, it can also be produced by a wash plant at a quarry. The material is normally light in colour and consists of particles that are mostly round. It is often used in applications such as plastering. It is, however, essential that the sand be clean and free from clay, debris, organic materials, and stones. The sand can be categorised based on particle size. Exceptionally fine sand consists of particles ranging from 1/16 to 1/8 mm in size, with fine sand ranging in size from 1/8 to 1/4 mm, and medium sand from 1/4 to 1/2 mm. Coarse sand has a diameter range of 1/2 to 2 mm, with very coarse sand being 1 to 2 mm in grain size.

Very fine river sand is best in terms of the sustainability of construction, but the sand grade that you are going to use depends on the particular building application. River sand is widely used in the construction industry for the making of concrete. Sand is also popular for the surface of horse arenas. What makes it well suited for construction projects is the fact that it has been exposed to flowing water and washing for several years. This means it has a low level of silt and clay content. As such, it makes concrete very workable.

It also reduces the water that is required in the concrete mix. The quality of the concrete mix is thus improved, because it does not contain too much clay that can compromise the strength of the concrete structure. When it comes to top-quality river sand, a silt content of less than 3% is required, ensuring the strength and integrity of the concrete mixes. River sand is also an environmentally friendly construction material in the sense that it replenishes itself in nature and it is therefore a sustainable resource.

It can be used with water, gravel, cement, and even steel to create reinforced and thus extremely strong concrete. When used with only water and cement, it is an excellent plastering material. River sand has all the properties needed to make it versatile enough for construction projects ranging from plastering to brick projects, and reinforced concrete.

View our range of sand and other materials available in Gauteng and give us a call for a quote or to deliver bulk loads to your construction sites.

Selected and Unselected Filling Materials Use – Construction of Embankments

Selected and unselected filling materials are an integral part of road, building, dam, and mine construction. To give you an indication of how these materials are used in large projects, we briefly look at embankments that raise the level of road surfaces above the surrounding earth.

What Filling Is

Unselected or selected filling refers to the materials used for filling an area where the materials are compacted with the aim of filling a depression. An embankment is thus just another type of fill. This type of fill contains anything from soil and aggregate to rock, crushed rock, and sand.

Best Practice in Using Unselected or Selected Filling Materials

In the case of an embankment, the normal procedure is to place the coarse filling at the base of the hole or depression to create a strong foundation for the fill. This also helps to ensure proper drainage and thus avoids a situation where the embankment is oversaturated. The upper part of the depression is normally filled with a higher-quality selected filling consisting of compact, subgrade aggregate that provides the necessary support for the layers on top and for vehicle loads without causing movement in the fill. It is essential to use fill materials of the correct specification and according to its capacity for compaction to the desired density in the remaining part of the embankment. Thin layering of the materials is needed, and each layer must be compacted thoroughly with the appropriate equipment. The rolling compaction method is usually used.

Unselected and Selected Filling Materials for Embankments

The preferred materials to use are sand and gravel, but silt and clay are also sometimes used. Well-graded materials must be used in the fill; such materials must be suitable for compaction and not contain roots, sludge, leaves, metal, or plastic. Rocks and larger stone can also be used for the lower part of the embankment. It is essential that these materials contain strong particles able to withstand the weight and movement of the machinery, but small enough in size to prevent empty or only partially filled spaces.

It is best to use well-graded filling consisting of a mixture of finely grained and granular materials. Though it is not essential, it is better to use filling low in unit weight for less transfer of dead weight onto the underlying surface upon which the embankment rests.

Where to Get Unselected and Selected Filling Materials

Make use of our supply services for sand, rock, crushed sand, and aggregate materials. We are bulk suppliers of selected and unselected filling materials to companies in Gauteng.

The Importance of Quality Dump Rock for Gabion Applications

A gabion is a type of cage or cylinder filled with dump rock, sand, or concrete. It is frequently used in civil-engineering projects, in the stabilisation of rock faces to prevent rockfalls onto roads, in dams, and in military applications. Dump rock is an essential ingredient in gabions, especially for erosion control and foundation construction. When it comes to military uses, gabions filled with dump rock are for the protection of artillery soldiers against enemy attacks.

One of the first types of gabions mentioned was designed by Leonardo da Vinci. It was used in the building of the foundations of the San Marco Castle. With foundations providing stability and strength for structures’ integrity, it goes without saying that the dump rock used in the gabions for foundations should be suitable for the structure in question.

When it comes to the selection of a dump-rock supplier, it is essential to choose a company that can provide the particular size and quantity you require for your gabion applications. Gabion dump rock is a selected dump rock in the 80-250-mm size range. You want the assurance of quality, consistency, and affordability. To this end, select a supplier that can provide in bulk. Such a supplier should have its own fleet of trucks able to handle large loads. In addition, the supplier should be near the site where the dump rock must be used as to reduce the time it takes to have the materials delivered and thereby reduce the cost of transportation.

Consistency in size is just as important. The supplier must be able to provide rocks of relatively the same size and the same type, especially when you keep in mind that unselected dump rock can vary in size from 19 to 300 mm. You want a supplier that can guarantee quality as well as timely delivery. Every hour counts when it comes to construction projects, whether for roadworks or the building of dams. It thus makes sense to select a supplier known for being able to deliver where and when needed. To save costs associated with the supply of raw materials, select a supplier that can fulfil various material needs, such as washed and unwashed sand, gravel, and dump rock. The supplier should be located in Gauteng if your project is based in the province.

Sand Masters can deliver on time, in bulk, and at the site of choice within Gauteng. The company’s prices are competitive and with a large fleet of trucks able to handle bulk loads, the company can deliver the quantity needed for large projects. Don’t compromise on quality and timely delivery. Call us for quotes and to discuss your dump-rock and other raw-material requirements in Gauteng.

Plastering Sand

Choosing the Perfect Sand Supplier for Your Firm’s Construction Projects in Gauteng

The rapid urbanisation of the past few years, growing interest of Asian investors in South Africa, and the increase in demand for houses and facilities to cater to the needs of urban communities are among the reasons for an increase in construction activity in Gauteng.

Part of the success of any construction firm in Gauteng is its ability to stick to tight deadlines. Late delivery of raw materials to sites can lead to delays in completion of projects. This, in turn, leads to higher costs such as wages, equipment hire, and penalties for non-performance. It is thus essential to find a sand supplier in Gauteng that can deliver on time and on short notice.

Of course, on-time delivery is only one factor that should be considered when looking for a sand supplier in Gauteng. The quantity that can be delivered is just as important. Your construction firm needs the assurance that the quantity you need is available when you need it. For this to be the case, you need to collaborate with a sand supplier in Gauteng that can provide the bulk you need and that is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your sand and aggregate supply needs are met.

Having dealt with timely delivery and quantity, what is left? The answer is quality. You need the assurance of quality consistency and thus want to use a sand supplier in Gauteng that applies various quality-control measures to ensure that the size, type, and quality of sand required can be supplied with consistency.

Delivery where you are is another requirement. It certainly makes sense to use a sand supplier in Gauteng if your project is in the province. You want to keep transport costs to a minimum, require on-time delivery, and want the assurance that the firm is close enough to deliver more, should you need extra sand or aggregate on short notice. The ability to supply the variety of materials needed is also an important consideration. Your firm saves time and money when you buy the bulk raw materials for construction from one supplier in Gauteng.

The above may seem like a tall order, but we meet and exceed the requirements. As a trusted bulk sand supplier in Gauteng with a proven record of accomplishment, we are committed to the provision of the variety, quality, consistency, and quantity of sand and related aggregate that your firm needs.

How to Choose the Right Sand Supplier in Gauteng

The location of our company enables us to deliver in and around Gauteng. We handle orders of a minimum of 25 m3. Our trucks are large and can thus handle large volumes. We also provide truck-hire services, ensuring that we can meet the client’s requirements, whether they want us to deliver or want to hire our trucks to supply sand to their clients in Gauteng. We thus also provide aggregates and sand to suppliers in Gauteng.

Other Services

Scheduling forms an integral part of any large construction project. We understand how tight a schedule can be. Since rubble removal from large construction sites takes time, it can cause delays in the completion of a project. Running late on such a project can mean thousands of rands lost due to labour and machinery costs. As a bulk sand supplier in Gauteng, we go the extra mile to help you meet your construction deadlines through our professional site-clearance and removal services.

What Else You Can Expect

Affordable pricing is key to building a good relationship in the construction industry. However, it should never be the only reason for choosing a sand supplier in Gauteng. You want the best possible prices without having to compromise on quality, delivery time, and consistency in service delivery. You will be glad to know that we are able to supply the required quality of sand and other bulk raw building materials at affordable prices within the timeframe stipulated, anywhere in Gauteng. Our focus on client service means that we can deliver in a relatively short period. This helps your project to stay on schedule and thus to avoid costs associated with waiting for materials.

Our trucks are meticulously maintained and should you thus want to make use of our truck-hire services, you will get properly maintained and reliable vehicles that can handle the workload associated with the transportation of bulk sand, stone, or rock.


We reward our loyal clients with regular specials that are so good that one just cannot afford to miss the opportunity to buy bulk sand from us as a top supplier in Gauteng.

Building Sand Supplier

Building Sand Supplier Tips: How to Reduce Wastage

As a contractor, you know the importance of cost management for the successful and profitable completion of construction projects. As a trusted building-sand supplier in Gauteng, we also recognise the importance of cost management and understand why it is essential to order the right quantity of sand.

Red Building Sand

Excess sand on site is money lying around, so keep wastage to a minimum. Surplus aggregates at the site after completion of the project means you have extra site-clearance costs as well. Also, the aggregates not used mean you have paid for materials not used in the project. To minimise wastage, work with a bulk sand supplier that can deliver at the right time according to the exact quantity and quality required. Good cost management begins with proper project planning. Start with buying from the right building sand supplier to save money. Also, follow the tips below to minimise wastage.

Store the aggregates as close as possible to the concrete-mixing area. By doing so, you reduce the time spent moving between the concrete-mixing space and the aggregate-storage area. This translates into faster building, reduced wastage associated with aggregates falling to the ground when being moved to the concrete mix area, and lower labour costs. Store the aggregates for concrete and plasterwork separately. Arrange to have aggregates placed on hard, clean ground. If you have broken bricks, create a paved area on which the supplier can deposit the aggregates upon delivery. As an alternative, prepare a weak concrete mix to create a temporary hard surface for storage of the aggregates.

Erect a windbreak structure around the aggregates or cover the aggregates overnight. This helps to prevent aggregate loss due to strong winds. The cover also helps to prevent contamination of the aggregates. Contaminated aggregates can affect the quality of the building materials. Plan the storage layout for all the aggregates and related building materials. Where possible, use mechanical or bulk mixing to reduce wastage. Invest in a concrete mixer or rent one to save on labour costs, reduce waste, and increase the speed of the work.

Plan the delivery schedule to have aggregates delivered in bulk before you need them. Having to stop work because you have to wait for material delivery adds to building costs. You must still pay the workers and fall behind schedule while you wait for material delivery.

Get in touch with our building-sand supplier team for more information about our product range, delivery times, and prices.

Plastering Sand

Where to Find A Reliable Bulk Supplier of Plastering Sand in Gauteng

The demand for premium-grade building and plastering sand has increased with the widespread infrastructure development in Gauteng, in addition to private developments such as residential estates, office parks, and shopping malls.

Plastering Sand

With it being crucial to have the right quantities of building materials delivered on time to ensure construction projects can be completed on time, finding a reliable supplier is essential. To this end, we should be your first choice. As the leading supplier of crushed stone and various types of materials, including washed plastering and river sand,we can deliver the quantities required at the lowest possible price.

We understand the importance of affordability when it comes to building and construction. We also recognise that contractors and project managers rely on us to provide high-quality products. Our focus is thus to deliver anywhere in Gauteng in bulk quantities, on time, and at exceptionally competitive prices. As part of our product offering, we supply red and brown building sand in Gauteng. The product is often referred to as mason or plasterer’s sand. It is of a fine grade with small particles that can be mixed in with cement and water to get the mortar required for brick or block laying.

The plastering sand available is often used for gravel mixes to get the perfect consistency for concrete. The product is used for filling holes in landscaped areas and to set pavers, as well as to plaster. In the latter instance, we provide the washed type, which helps to reduce the risk of cracks. If you need a product that can be used mainly for concrete, we recommend buying river sand, which we also supply. Its quality is excellent, making it suitable for fillers for concrete, topping, and even as a growing medium for bonsai trees.

If you need material for road construction, you will be glad to know that we offer crushed sand, which is used in applications such as the making of concrete blocks, pipes, bricks, and construction fill, as well as mixing with asphalt for road construction. We, furthermore, supply sub-base materials to construction companies in Gauteng. These materials are specifically suited for applications such as supporting structures. The materials are tested by accredited laboratories and comply with COLTO specifications.

Deliveries are for bulk orders of 25 cubes plus of plastering sand and related materials anywhere in Gauteng. Ensure that top-quality materials are used in your construction and engineering projects. Call us for quotes and delivery information.

Sand and Stone Supplier in Gauteng

How to Choose A Sand and Stone Supplier in Gauteng

Finding the right sand and stone supplier in Gauteng should be a priority if you are involved in road construction, pavement installation, or any large construction project. Here are some aspects that must be considered to ensure you find a sand and stone supplier in Gauteng that is able to fulfil in your material and service-delivery requirements.

sand and stone supplier

Size of The Fleet

Does the supplier have a large fleet of trucks, able to deliver stone anywhere in Gauteng in the bulk quantities needed? Waiting for aggregate delivery because the company is unable to allocate enough trucks to your order can cause you to fall behind on a project. This means extra costs and penalties. We have a large fleet of well-maintained trucks to handle just about any bulk order anywhere in Gauteng.

Types of Materials Available

Does thesupplier offer a wide range of materials? It makes financial sense to order from one rather than several companies. In this way, you can benefit from building a strong relationship with the company and you know what quality of product or service to expect. Our product range is extensive and our sales consultants can provide you with important information about each of the materials, helping you make an informed decision.

Add-On Services Available

Does the sand and stone supplieroffer additional services such as site clearance and truck rentals? If you can rely on the company to help clear construction sites before and after projects, you can save time and money. Site clearance takes time and you want to start with the project at a certain date. It also applies at the end of the project period when it is essential to hand over the site in time. We provide such services at affordable prices and offer truck rentals as well.

Proven Track Record

How long has the company been in operation? Is it a local concern? Does the company have a record of accomplishment? To this end, we recommend speaking to our management team about our history. We are a local business and are familiar with all relevant legislation and standards when it comes to the supply of aggregate materials. We have been around for a long time and thus have the experience needed to ensure you get the materials you need. Our products range from G1-G7 base materials, crushed stone, and crushed sand to super and washed or unwashed plaster sand, in addition to gabion and dump rock.

Get in touch if you are looking for a trusted supplier of aggregates in Gauteng.

Sand Suppliers in Around Gauteng

Bulk Sand Suppliers in and Around Gauteng – Tips on Horse-Paddock and Arena Footing

As trusted bulk aggregate suppliers, we deliver sand to sites in and around Gauteng. Among our clients are horse-stud farms and riding schools that require bulk delivery for their paddocks and horse arenas. So, if you have been looking for reliable suppliers in and around Gauteng, you can rely on us to deliver the type, quality, and quantity of material needed to meet your requirements. To help you get started, we share some tips regarding the footing used for horse paddocks and arenas.

Paddock Surface Materials

Many horse owners do not yet use sand for paddocks since there is a risk of horses ingesting too much debris, leading to colic. This is a condition caused by the build-up of debris in the animal’s gut. However, proper management of feeding can prevent the problem altogether. It is essential to feed horses from feeders rather than directly from the surface. To this end, it is essential to use hard surfaces and hay for footing in the stalls. Keep in mind that, even if the horses graze on thin pastures, the animals still ingest debris. The grazing area should thus be thick. When it becomes too thin, feed the horses directly from feeders.

Sand, as available from us as reputable suppliers to horse arenas and stud farms, makes for a comfortable footing, as the horses can lay and roll on the surface. In fact, if the paddock’s footing material consists mainly of crushed rock – also available from us as your bulk suppliers in Gauteng – it is important to provide an area consisting of sand where the animals can urinate, roll around, and lie down. Itis a good choice, as it provides for good drainage and comfort.

Footing for Horse Arenas

As we mentioned earlier, as one of the leading suppliers in and around Gauteng, we deliver bulk quantities to owners of horse arenas because sand is such an important material for horse arenas. However, the type you select is just as important. River sand used in arenas, for example, protects horseshoes, so the selection of the right type can help to improve surface performance. Coarse materials are less expensive but can lead to shearing, whereas finer materials provide for a firmer and more stable underfoot surface.

It is best to discuss the surface materials with experienced owners of horse arenas. Call us for a quote and discover why we are considered one of the trusted sand suppliers in and around Gauteng.

Building Sand Suppliers in Gauteng

Why It Is Better to Work with One Building Sand Supplier in Gauteng

Though many companies claim to be reliable building sand suppliers in Gauteng, it is only once you have ordered from a company and have the materials delivered to your construction site that you know whether you have made the right choice.

Inconsistency in Quantity and Quality

However, there is a way to prevent the costly method of finding out by trial and error. By now, you already know that having to work with several different suppliers can be a real bother. You want the same type, quality, and consistency with every truckload delivered when you have to build a building, bridge, sports stadium, or shopping complex. Working with several providers means having to deal with inconsistencies in quantity, grain size and shape, delivery times, and the pureness of the materials. You cannot risk your company’s name and the safety of your structures by using several different building sand suppliers in Gauteng.

Inability to Deliver Large Orders

The problem comes when you want bulk quantities delivered on a regular basis and/or you want these deliveries urgently. Not all providers can supply the quantities needed to fill large orders. However, in order to get the business, they may quote below the normal bulk prices. Tempted to save on construction costs, you may decide to work with these smaller providers and end up not having a sufficient quantity delivered at once.

Financial Losses

This can lead to more lag time on a project, costing your firm money in terms of labour and penalties. In order to prevent such, you order from more companies, ending up with the inconsistencies mentioned earlier.

The Solution

Ordering from a company with a large fleet of trucks that is able to guarantee delivery of large quantities of building sand anywhere in Gautengis thus the best solution. View our website, history, and reviews and you will find that we can deliver what we promise – and we can deliver more than just sand. In fact, we offer a wide range of materials including gabion rock, crushed stone, and aggregates as part of our product portfolio. As such, we can supply in all your aggregate and base-material needs. We furthermore offer truck and driver rentals where required. Our trucks are meticulously maintained and able to handle bulk orders.

What Next

Get in touch for a quote and discover why so many companies already make use of us as one of the leading building sand suppliers in Gauteng.