The Importance of Quality Dump Rock for Gabion Applications

A gabion is a type of cage or cylinder filled with dump rock, sand, or concrete. It is frequently used in civil-engineering projects, in the stabilisation of rock faces to prevent rockfalls onto roads, in dams, and in military applications. Dump rock is an essential ingredient in gabions, especially for erosion control and foundation construction. When it comes to military uses, gabions filled with dump rock are for the protection of artillery soldiers against enemy attacks.

One of the first types of gabions mentioned was designed by Leonardo da Vinci. It was used in the building of the foundations of the San Marco Castle. With foundations providing stability and strength for structures’ integrity, it goes without saying that the dump rock used in the gabions for foundations should be suitable for the structure in question.

When it comes to the selection of a dump-rock supplier, it is essential to choose a company that can provide the particular size and quantity you require for your gabion applications. Gabion dump rock is a selected dump rock in the 80-250-mm size range. You want the assurance of quality, consistency, and affordability. To this end, select a supplier that can provide in bulk. Such a supplier should have its own fleet of trucks able to handle large loads. In addition, the supplier should be near the site where the dump rock must be used as to reduce the time it takes to have the materials delivered and thereby reduce the cost of transportation.

Consistency in size is just as important. The supplier must be able to provide rocks of relatively the same size and the same type, especially when you keep in mind that unselected dump rock can vary in size from 19 to 300 mm. You want a supplier that can guarantee quality as well as timely delivery. Every hour counts when it comes to construction projects, whether for roadworks or the building of dams. It thus makes sense to select a supplier known for being able to deliver where and when needed. To save costs associated with the supply of raw materials, select a supplier that can fulfil various material needs, such as washed and unwashed sand, gravel, and dump rock. The supplier should be located in Gauteng if your project is based in the province.

Sand Masters can deliver on time, in bulk, and at the site of choice within Gauteng. The company’s prices are competitive and with a large fleet of trucks able to handle bulk loads, the company can deliver the quantity needed for large projects. Don’t compromise on quality and timely delivery. Call us for quotes and to discuss your dump-rock and other raw-material requirements in Gauteng.