The Role of Unselected Filling in Backfilling Applications

Selected filling is the aggregate materials used for the sub-base in roads and other construction projects but unselected filling is also widely used in the backfilling process. The latter is when soil is put back into a foundation or excavation trench.

Backfilling is normally done in layers. The soil lift is dependent upon the compacting equipment used. In many cases, water is added during compaction, making it easier to get a firmly compacted surface. The process entails, for instance, layers of a particular size, each with unselected filling that is debris-free. Then compaction takes place using the relevant equipment, whereafter the surface is thoroughly watered.

Water jetting is a backfill method in which mechanical compaction is not used at all. Highly pressurised water is applied at the bottom of the fill area. The method is not suitable for heavy clay soils. The water is pumped under pressure and moves the unselected filling material around. After water application, a period of drainage follows to ensure optimal compaction. Another form of backfill is that of flowable fill. In this method, a specific material with a low water-to-cement ratio is delivered as a ready-mix. The trench is covered with unselected filling (aggregate). Once this is done, a flowable fill covers the aggregate.

Base course and sub-base are types of selected filling materials. Stone is crushed to a specific size and the crushed stone forms the sub-base material for roads, paving, concretes, and more. Note that filling in the form of crushed stone is not used for the wear layer, but is perfectly suited for backfilling and base-course applications.

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