How Important Is the Selection of The Right Aggregate Materials?

Aggregate materials are the core building blocks used in construction projects. Whether used in the construction of roads and bridges or buildings, large quantities of quality aggregate materials are needed. The particle size, consistency, and types of aggregate materials, in addition to the mix-to-cement ratio, all play important roles in the strength, integrity, and durability of the final construction. For road-construction projects you can, for instance, use granite sand of 3-5 mm in size, combined with granite of 5-10 mm in size for strong foundations. The 5-10-mm aggregate materials in the form of granite are used in projects ranging from drainage foundations to buildings, bridges, and roads.

The aggregate materials form the binding components to keep the composites together. If you compromise on the type of aggregate or the quantity in the concrete mix, you can compromise the integrity of the structure. For instance, the 10-20-mm granite stone is ideal for road sub-base preparation and the 20-40-mm granite stone is used for the lower road-surface section just beneath the asphalt layer. The 20-40-mm granite stone is often used where reinforced concrete is needed to ensure strong road surfaces, such as highways, that must carry heavy traffic and large numbers of vehicles daily. The 40-70-mm granite stone is a popular choice for construction projects on industrial sites.

Gravel is not the same as granite sand, but is, nevertheless, one of the widely used aggregate materials for road foundations. Gravel is especially popular, but everything from crushed and natural scrabbled stone to pebbles are used in construction projects.

Find the Right Grade, Size, and Type of Aggregate Materials for Your Projects

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