Building Materials Supplier: Comprehensive Range of Products

If you want to save on building costs, it is best to order your materials from a single trusted supplier near you. With our firm located in Gauteng, we are able to supply large quantities of building materials, including river sand and crushed stone. Have a look at our range of products to get an indication of the types of building material you can order for bulk delivery from us as a well-established and reputable supplier in Gauteng.

Crushed Stone

Everything from unselected dump rock to gabion rock and boulders form part of our product offering. The aggregates in this category are used in applications such as road construction, asphalt mixes, builder mixes, ready-mix concrete, and landscaping. The unselected dump rock is used for applications such as gabion walls, foundations, landscaping, filling, and earthworks, amongst others. Selected dump rock such as gabion rock is used for retaining walls, erosion control, landscaping, gabion walls, filling, and foundations. We are also asupplierof boulders consisting of unscreened and uncrushed stone for earthworks, filling, landscaping, and erosion control.


Sand is an important – and base building material – used in construction projects. We are a well-known supplier of sand in Gauteng. The sand products are responsibly sourced and include everything from crushed and super sand to plaster, building, and river sand. Owners of horse arenas benefit from our high-quality river sand, which we can deliver in bulk to their premises.

The sand is used in applications ranging from cement mixes for bricklaying to road-construction applications. We supply super sand for the making of slabs, blocks, and lintels and for the texturing of paving. The plaster-sand products are used for plastering, cement mixes, the filling of holes, and the levelling of landscaped areas. The river sand is used for concrete mixes and for footing in horse arenas, in addition to topping and plastering.

Sub-Base Materials

As a bulk supplier in Gauteng, our product offering includes a range of sub-base materials specifically for the civil and construction industries. These products are used for the support of structures such as roads and pavements. All the products in this category comply with COLTO specifications. In addition, all the products in the category are tested in well-known and accredited laboratories.

With many more products available, we are the go-to supplier of quality building materials in Gauteng. View our product range and get in touch for quotes and delivery information.