Why Choose Us as River-Sand Suppliers in Gauteng?

River Sand

Finding reliable river sand suppliers in Gauteng is crucial if you are a building contractor, project manager, or developer. Superior quality, competitive pricing, and ability to deliver in bulk are factors to consider when having to choose among the various suppliers. Fortunately, we meet and exceed all the requirements. Regardless of the type of aggregates required, you can rely on us to deliver the quantity you need at your premises in Gauteng. We have a large fleet of well-maintained trucks for delivery of orders from 25 m3 and more. With such large volumes, you want the assurance that your supplier can deliver on time. We also don’t disappoint in this regard – with enough trucks for delivery to various sites around Gauteng, you have the assurance of availability and a fast turnaround time.

We are also suppliers of other aggregates for use in the construction and road-building industries. The product offering includes, but is not limited to:

  • Building, crushed, and super sand;
  • Unwashed and washed plaster sand; and
  • Washed river sand.

Apart from these, we also deliver:

  • Crushed stone;
  • Bagged products; and
  • Sub-base materials.

In the crushed-stone category, we are suppliers of:

  • Gabion rock;
  • Unselected dump rock; and
  • Boulders.

In terms of bagged products, we supply 40-kg bags of:

  • Various types of sand;
  • Crushed stone;
  • Premix;
  • Topsoil; and
  • Compost.

When it comes to boulders, we supply:

  • G1 and G2;
  • G4 and G5;
  • G6 and G7; and
  • G9 and unselected filling.

Value-Added Services

Knowing how important it is to keep projects within specific time limits, we offer an exceptionally valuable service to contractors and building site managers. Our building materials and rubble-removal services make it possible to have site clearance performed before, during, and after building projects. This service helps clients save time and money associated with site clearance. They can focus on the projects at hand while we clear the sites. With a full range of products and services to meet client requirements, it becomes clear why we are one of the leading building and river-sand suppliers in Gauteng. Our sales consultants are here to help you choose the right products and assist in scheduling delivery of the products to your sites at the appropriate time. In addition, clients are rewarded for loyalty with special discounts.

Join the ranks of clients receiving superior quality products and services from one of the best river-sand suppliers in Gauteng. Get in touch for more information about our products, truck hire options, and affordable prices.