Supplier of Sand and Stone for Building Sites in Gauteng

With an extensive product offering and a large fleet of well-maintained trucks, we are a trusted building-materials supplier in Gauteng. We deliver orders of 25 m3 and more to construction, mining, roadworks, developments, and large residential development sites. Our product offering is extensive and includes various types of building materials, some of which are briefly noted below.

Crushed Stone

As a trustedsupplier, we know the importance of quality when it comes to raw materials. To this end, we supply crushed stone, blasted in a mine-licensed site. We screen the crushed stone to various sizes to meet the construction needs of a range of clients. The 9,5 mm crushed stone is used for asphalt projects such as road construction. We are also a provider of 13-mm stone, which is used widely in builder mix and ready-mix products, as well as landscaping projects. The 19- or 22-mm crushed stone is also used for landscaping and ready-mix applications. We are a provider of unselected dump rock for filling, landscaping, gabion walls, and foundations, in addition to earthworks. We are also a provider of gabion rock for the buildingof gabion walls, filling, retaining walls, landscaping, erosion control, and earthworks. Clients benefit from having a trusted provider of boulders for earthworks, erosion control, landscaping, and filling.


We offer several types of sand to suit various applications. Whether you need sand for a horse arena, plastering, or concrete mixes, you will appreciate our ability to deliver in bulk, and with a fast turnaround time. We supply responsibly sourced materials. Clients can order anything from crushed sand and unwashed plaster sand to washed river sand and buildingsand. Our competitive prices make us one of the preferred service providers in Gauteng.


We are a trusted supplier of sub-base materials that comply with COLTO specifications. These are tested in accredited laboratories. Suited for applications such as the support structures for pavements and roads, these products include:

  • G1 and G2 for road-construction projects.
  • G4 and G5 as filling under roads.
  • G6 and G7 as coarse base under roads.
  • G9 and unselected filling that consists of natural materials.

Bagged Products

We are also asupplier of bagged products including the likes of premix, sand, and crushed stone.

Whether you need a building-materials supplier in Gauteng for a residential project or for a large development, get in touch with us to discuss your particular needs.