Why Would You Choose Sand Masters as Your Aggregate Material Suppliers in Gauteng?

If you are looking for aggregate material suppliers in Gauteng, you will be pleased to learn that we are a well-established bulk aggregate material supplier with a proven record of accomplishment of delivering to the construction industry. We handle minimum loads of 25 m3 order.

With our large trucks, we are able to deliver large quantities on relatively short notice. As it is important to stay on schedule, you will thus appreciate our timely response to bulk orders. What also sets us apart from many other aggregate material suppliers in Gauteng is our commitment to offer affordable prices. We understand the importance of keeping costs low to ensure profitability in construction projects without having to compromise on quality. To this end, we keep to our promise of low prices.

Since crushed aggregate forms an integral part in providing the bulk for concrete mixes, ensuring hardening at the correct level, you will want to buy from material suppliers that understand the importance of quality and consistency in supply. The concrete must be able to withstand various forces and it is thus essential to ensure that you use only good-quality aggregate, especially since crushed aggregate makes up anything from 60-75% of the ready-mix volume. The quality of the aggregate also plays an important role in the strength and stability of the concrete mix.

Furthermore, the aggregates used have an affect on the permeability of the materials and thus the weatherproofing of materials for projects ranging from freeways to bridges, parking areas, large roof slabs, and pavements. It is for this reason that we provide various types of aggregate, including crushed rock and sand in the various size ranges. As such, we are able to meet the raw material needs for your large construction projects. Whether your firm requires the aggregates for mortar, asphalt mix, or concrete mix you can rely on us to meet your bulk-material needs.

We offer sizes ranging from grain to cobble and even larger. It does not matter if it is for a new golf course where you need sand traps or for a modern high-rise building in Sandton, we are able to deliver the quantity required. Give us a call to learn more about our range of products, the superb prices that we offer, and the quality you can expect from Sand Masters as experienced bulk aggregate material suppliers in Gauteng.