Why Buy Only from A Building-Materials Supplier Offering Top-Quality Aggregates?

Using the right aggregates for the particular construction project is essential for the integrity of a building. This is true whether you build a dam, lay paving, construct storage facilities or animal shelters, or build a house. So, it makes sense to order the right basematerials from a trusted supplier that can deliver to your site in Gauteng.

Whether building without the help of a structural engineer or with a professional team of contractors, architects, and engineering input, you need an aggregate building-materials supplier that can deliver the grade and required type of aggregate in bulk to your site. We meet and exceed the requirement with our extensive range of materials and our large fleet of trucks for bulk deliveries anywhere in Gauteng.

Keep in mind that sand mixed with organic materials, such as the sand that can be found on a farm, is not a suitable aggregate. You want specific workability and particle sizes, shapes, and consistency for your application. To this end, rather purchase from a supplier that provides the required graded sand. Any compromise on the base materials, even for plastering, can lead to structural durability deficiencies.

For instance, sand containing impurities can be problematic. The impurities compromise the ability of the sand to mix with the cement. Sand that sticks if you hold it in a fist after it has dried is not suitable for plastering. All our products meet specific grading standards; as such, regardless of the building materials you order from us, you can trust us to deliver the quantity and quality required – on time.

This brings us to another important point. On-time delivery of the right quantity aggregate is essential to minimise construction delays. With a fast turnaround time and enough trucks in our fleet, we can handle several large deliveries daily.

We are a supplier of an extensive product range, including:

  • Crushed stone;
  • Sand;
  • Sub-basematerials; and
  • Bagged products.

We provide crushed stone, which is crushed in a licensed mining environment. We offer everything from stone ranging in size from 9,5 to 22 mm and gabion rock to unselected dump rock and boulders. We offer washed river sand and both washed and unwashed plaster sand, super sand, crushed sand, and silica sand. You can also order sub-base materials from us. Our product offering is extensive. In addition, we offer services such as the removal of building rubble from construction sites.

Don’t compromise on the quality of your building materials. Partner with a trusted supplierin Gauteng. Get in touch to discuss your sand and aggregate needs.