Aggregate Suppliers: Why River Sand for Building?

Why should you use river as opposed to sea sand for plastering and building construction? Surely sand can be found in abundance on South African beaches? True, but with the high salt content of the beach or sea material, the integrity of building structures would be compromised if this was used and that is why you need suppliers that can provide river sand in Gauteng.

The salt in the sea material absorbs moisture from its surroundings. This is problematic when it comes to using the material as a building aggregate, as the saltiness and moisture create a sticky material that makes it difficult to work with as a concrete aggregate. In addition, the high level of chloride ions in the material leads to premature steel corrosion. With it also generally being finer than river sand, the texture and particle sizes compromise the durability of the building or road, if it is used in construction. It just makes sense to use river sand suppliers if you want the best possible building aggregates.

Pit, river, and crushed or artificially created aggregates are far more suitable for building and construction purposes. Pit aggregates are reddish to slightly brown or orange and feature sharp and angular particles. These characteristics make the material well-suited for concrete mixes. River sand, as available from us as one of the leading bulk-aggregate suppliers in Gauteng, has a finer texture. It can be made through a wash plant at a quarry as well. Its colour is white to grey, while the particle shape is generally round. This is an excellent material for plaster purposes. Thanks to its particle shape, it is also well-suited for horse-riding arenas.

Artificially created aggregate is made through a crushing process. Granite and basalt rock are crushed to create the right material in compliance with the requirements of specific IS codes. The material is widely used in construction projects. As leading suppliers in the province, we meet a wide variety of aggregate needs. To this end, you will appreciate our range of aggregates, classified according to grades, from very fine to very coarse. Our company supplies in bulk to engineering firms, construction companies, mines, horse-arena owners, and developers across Gauteng.

We have a large fleet of well-maintained trucks for deliveries. With a fast turnaround time, superb quality, and an extensive range of aggregates at affordable prices, we should rank at the top of your list of river-sand suppliers.