We are Suppliers of River Sand for Delivery to Equestrian Centres and Building Sites

If you are developing or upgrading a horse-riding arena, you will know that the footing material is extremely important. Choose the wrong footing and you have problems with the surface becoming waterlogged or having too many small stones that cause problems for the horses – or particles causing dust issues. So, your first step should be to find trusted river-sand suppliers in Gauteng. Quality river sand of the correct particle size and consistency is affordable and, therefore, ideal for such a large space. It is also an excellent footing, offering the required stability, good resistance to dust formation, good drainage, and ease of maintenance.

Fortunately, you don’t have to search far, as we are one of the leading suppliers in the province. With a large fleet of well-maintained trucks, we are able to deliver river sand in large quantities to horse arenas anywhere in the province. What further sets us apart from other suppliers is the competitive prices we charge, making it affordable to resurface your horse arena. We are able to supply at an affordable price because we supply in bulk to the construction industry for concrete and cement-and-mortar production purposes. River sand is also a superb material for plastering, topping, filler for concrete mixes, hydroponics, and even bonsai plants.

When it thus comes to gardening, tunnel farming, and horticulture applications, you will be glad to know that we don’t just do large quantities but offer bagged products as well. This means you can get the same quality materials we supply in bulk also in smaller, bags of 40 kg from our facility in Lanseria. For landscaping on large estates, we can deliver in bulk quantities. We offer transport hire services, should you need to get materials for your hydroponic farm operations.

Do you need to build horse stables in addition to upgrading or developing a horse arena? Apart from being leading providers of building materials in Gauteng, we supply red and brown building sand, specifically for bricklaying work. As such, you can obtain the necessary materials for the building of an equestrian centre from the same provider and thereby save time and money when ordering your building materials.

Whether you need crushed stone, washed or unwashed river sand, or sub-base materials, you can rely on us as trusted materials suppliers to deliver in large quantities to your site at an affordable price. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and place an order for delivery.