How to Choose Aggregate Suppliers in Gauteng for Bulk-Material Deliveries

Whether you are busy with the construction of a dam, building, bridge, or road in Gauteng, you want the assurance that your aggregate suppliers will be able to deliver the quantity and quality of aggregates needed for the project at a competitive price and at the required time.

Instead of having to deal with several suppliers in Gauteng, you want one reliable supplier, able to deliver most of your material requirements. This narrows it down to only a few aggregate suppliers that meet the requirement. From here, you select the company based on location, turnaround time, size of their fleet, load sizes, and reliability and consistency in terms of material type and availability.

We meet every requirement. We are situated in Gauteng and, unlike many other service providers only able to deliver in smaller quantities, we handle bulk deliveries of 25 m3 or more. Our product range is extensive and includes:

  • Crushed-stone products – crushed stone, unselected dump rock, gabion rock, and boulders.
  • Sand products – red and brown building sand, crushed sand, raw unwashed silica sand, super sand, washed and unwashed plaster sand, and washed river sand.
  • Sub-base products – unselected natural filling, G1, G2, G4, G5, G7, and G9 sub-base material.
  • Garden landscaping – topsoil and compost.

We understand that working with many service providers takes up time and adds to your expenses. To this end, we make it easier and more cost-effective to order in bulk from one trusted provider because of our large range of products and ability to deliver in bulk. In addition to the above products, we provide services such as rubble removal and transportation as well.

Rubble-Removal Services

Removing rubble before or after construction takes up valuable resources. It is time-consuming but has to be done. Our solution is cost-effective. We remove overburden and rubble from construction sites in Gauteng and off-load these at a licensed facility for crushing or recycling, depending on the material.


With a large fleet of trucks able to transport in excess of 25 cubes of aggregates, we provide clients with additional transport services. Our trucks have back-tipping trailers and the truck drivers are qualified, experienced, and professional. The trucks are well-maintained and we adhere to all safety regulations.

If you are looking for reliable and competitively priced aggregate transport, supply, and delivery services in Gauteng, get in touch with our firm as one of the trusted suppliers able to meet your bulk-material needs.