Gabion Stone Supplier

Bulk Stone Supplier in Gauteng: Uses of Gabion

As a leading gabion stone supplier in Gauteng, we deliver bulk quantities to construction, engineering, roadworks, and landscaping sites.

As a leading sand and stone supplier, we offer the following:

  • Selected dump rock consisting of screened crushed stone in sizes from 80 to 200 mm. The material is used for erosion control, landscaping, earthworks, retaining walls, filling, and gabion walls.
  • Unselected dump rock consisting of unscreened crushed stone in sizes ranging from 1 to 200 mm for landscaping, earthworks, filling, walls, and foundations.
Gabion Stone

Gabion Baskets

The rocks are often used for walls and retaining walls. In this type of application, the dump rock is placed in specially manufactured cages. The materials as available from us as a bulk supplier in Gauteng, are extremely strong and can take a lot of compressive force. These systems have a low environmental impact, as trees and other plants can be planted to cover the gabion. The dump rock does not require the creation of holes to release water pressure behind the retaining structure. With significantly more pore space for water to flow through, they are ideal for landscaping applications and to prevent rockfalls on mountain passes.

Other Uses

The dump rock has a long history of applications, such as gravity retainer walls, reinforcement of soil, the lining of water channels, as part of structures for training rivers, and for the protection of dam embankments. The rock is also used in culvert construction, as part of bio-filler systems, in hydro-chamber applications, and for crusher walls in mines. The gabion is likewise used in landscaping to create retainer and landscape walls. The mass-gravity type, also known as the dry wall, is used for applications such as river mattresses, whilst the wet wall is used where the riverbed has soft soil and a more flexible mattress is needed. The rock is, furthermore, used to stabilise embankments to reduce the risk of rockfalls down the slope.

Why Buy from Us?

As a well-established supplier of rocks, crushed stone, and sand materials in Gauteng, we understand which materials are best suited for particular applications. To this end, clients can rely on us to provide them with premium-quality materials relevant to their particular projects. We have a large fleet of trucks serving all areas in Gauteng. Our product stable is extensive and we can provide in bulk quantities and at affordable prices. The products are of excellent quality and we deliver on time. In addition, we offer site-clearance services.

Give us a call and discover why so many companies already make use of Sand Masters as a leading sand and gabion stone supplier in Gauteng.