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Building Sand Supplier Tips: How to Reduce Wastage

As a contractor, you know the importance of cost management for the successful and profitable completion of construction projects. As a trusted building-sand supplier in Gauteng, we also recognise the importance of cost management and understand why it is essential to order the right quantity of sand.

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Excess sand on site is money lying around, so keep wastage to a minimum. Surplus aggregates at the site after completion of the project means you have extra site-clearance costs as well. Also, the aggregates not used mean you have paid for materials not used in the project. To minimise wastage, work with a bulk sand supplier that can deliver at the right time according to the exact quantity and quality required. Good cost management begins with proper project planning. Start with buying from the right building sand supplier to save money. Also, follow the tips below to minimise wastage.

Store the aggregates as close as possible to the concrete-mixing area. By doing so, you reduce the time spent moving between the concrete-mixing space and the aggregate-storage area. This translates into faster building, reduced wastage associated with aggregates falling to the ground when being moved to the concrete mix area, and lower labour costs. Store the aggregates for concrete and plasterwork separately. Arrange to have aggregates placed on hard, clean ground. If you have broken bricks, create a paved area on which the supplier can deposit the aggregates upon delivery. As an alternative, prepare a weak concrete mix to create a temporary hard surface for storage of the aggregates.

Erect a windbreak structure around the aggregates or cover the aggregates overnight. This helps to prevent aggregate loss due to strong winds. The cover also helps to prevent contamination of the aggregates. Contaminated aggregates can affect the quality of the building materials. Plan the storage layout for all the aggregates and related building materials. Where possible, use mechanical or bulk mixing to reduce wastage. Invest in a concrete mixer or rent one to save on labour costs, reduce waste, and increase the speed of the work.

Plan the delivery schedule to have aggregates delivered in bulk before you need them. Having to stop work because you have to wait for material delivery adds to building costs. You must still pay the workers and fall behind schedule while you wait for material delivery.

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