Plastering Sand

Where to Find A Reliable Bulk Supplier of Plastering Sand in Gauteng

The demand for premium-grade building and plastering sand has increased with the widespread infrastructure development in Gauteng, in addition to private developments such as residential estates, office parks, and shopping malls.

Plastering Sand

With it being crucial to have the right quantities of building materials delivered on time to ensure construction projects can be completed on time, finding a reliable supplier is essential. To this end, we should be your first choice. As the leading supplier of crushed stone and various types of materials, including washed plastering and river sand,we can deliver the quantities required at the lowest possible price.

We understand the importance of affordability when it comes to building and construction. We also recognise that contractors and project managers rely on us to provide high-quality products. Our focus is thus to deliver anywhere in Gauteng in bulk quantities, on time, and at exceptionally competitive prices. As part of our product offering, we supply red and brown building sand in Gauteng. The product is often referred to as mason or plasterer’s sand. It is of a fine grade with small particles that can be mixed in with cement and water to get the mortar required for brick or block laying.

The plastering sand available is often used for gravel mixes to get the perfect consistency for concrete. The product is used for filling holes in landscaped areas and to set pavers, as well as to plaster. In the latter instance, we provide the washed type, which helps to reduce the risk of cracks. If you need a product that can be used mainly for concrete, we recommend buying river sand, which we also supply. Its quality is excellent, making it suitable for fillers for concrete, topping, and even as a growing medium for bonsai trees.

If you need material for road construction, you will be glad to know that we offer crushed sand, which is used in applications such as the making of concrete blocks, pipes, bricks, and construction fill, as well as mixing with asphalt for road construction. We, furthermore, supply sub-base materials to construction companies in Gauteng. These materials are specifically suited for applications such as supporting structures. The materials are tested by accredited laboratories and comply with COLTO specifications.

Deliveries are for bulk orders of 25 cubes plus of plastering sand and related materials anywhere in Gauteng. Ensure that top-quality materials are used in your construction and engineering projects. Call us for quotes and delivery information.