Crushed Stone Supplier

How A Trusted Crushed Stone Supplier Can Meet Your Aggregate Needs

As a leading aggregates supplier in Gauteng, we deliver large quantities of crushed stone to construction, road-engineering, and landscaping sites.

Why choose us as your supplier?

  • High-capacity, well-maintained trucks for bulk deliveries to your site.
  • On-time delivery of aggregates.
  • Quality materials, screened to the required sizes.
  • Wide range of products to suit your needs.
  • Experienced consultants and delivery teams.
  • Delivery anywhere in Gauteng.

crushed stone

As a trusted aggregates supplier, we deliver stone, blasted and crushed in licensed mining environments. We follow a thorough screening process to provide you with crushed stone in the following sizes:

  • 9,5 mm for applications in road building and asphalt mixes.
  • 13 mm for builder’s mix, landscaping, and ready-mix concrete.
  • 19 and 22 mm for ready-mix concrete, builder’s mix, and landscaping.
  • Unscreened in sizes of 1 to 200 mm for applicants ranging from earthworks and gabion walls to filling, landscapes, and foundations.
  • Screened crushed stone in sizes of 80 to 200 mm for applications ranging from erosion control and earthworks to filling, gabion, retaining walls, and foundations.

For projects such as road construction or railroads, the assurance of having a trusted supplier of quality materials is essential. You require timeous delivery to prevent project delays. Material quality is vital for such applications. Railroad-track construction, for instance, must be precise. Aggregates used must meet all the size, quantity, and type requirements to ensure compliance with the standard for ballasts regarding, for instance:

  • Its ability to bear and transfer load.
  • The required uniform load support.
  • Effective water drainage around the tracks.
  • Stability of the support.

The material must be strong, durable, and easy to clean. It must also meet the requirement of low flakiness and must have the correct shape for the mentioned functions. As a leading aggregates supplier, we deliver materials to a range of road, railway, and construction sites. We thus have a thorough understanding of our clients’ requirements and can help with information on the correct aggregate type and the size selection for projects. We understand that aggregate-size requirements for concrete mixes differ according to the application of mixes for foundations, driveways, and precast lintels. We also understand the water required for the finer aggregates.

Working with a supplier that understands your crushed-stone requirements helps to minimise the risk of project delays due to incorrect material selection. Call us to order quality aggregates to meet your construction and road-engineering requirements.