Sand and Stone Supplier in Gauteng

How to Choose A Sand and Stone Supplier in Gauteng

Finding the right sand and stone supplier in Gauteng should be a priority if you are involved in road construction, pavement installation, or any large construction project. Here are some aspects that must be considered to ensure you find a sand and stone supplier in Gauteng that is able to fulfil in your material and service-delivery requirements.

sand and stone supplier

Size of The Fleet

Does the supplier have a large fleet of trucks, able to deliver stone anywhere in Gauteng in the bulk quantities needed? Waiting for aggregate delivery because the company is unable to allocate enough trucks to your order can cause you to fall behind on a project. This means extra costs and penalties. We have a large fleet of well-maintained trucks to handle just about any bulk order anywhere in Gauteng.

Types of Materials Available

Does thesupplier offer a wide range of materials? It makes financial sense to order from one rather than several companies. In this way, you can benefit from building a strong relationship with the company and you know what quality of product or service to expect. Our product range is extensive and our sales consultants can provide you with important information about each of the materials, helping you make an informed decision.

Add-On Services Available

Does the sand and stone supplieroffer additional services such as site clearance and truck rentals? If you can rely on the company to help clear construction sites before and after projects, you can save time and money. Site clearance takes time and you want to start with the project at a certain date. It also applies at the end of the project period when it is essential to hand over the site in time. We provide such services at affordable prices and offer truck rentals as well.

Proven Track Record

How long has the company been in operation? Is it a local concern? Does the company have a record of accomplishment? To this end, we recommend speaking to our management team about our history. We are a local business and are familiar with all relevant legislation and standards when it comes to the supply of aggregate materials. We have been around for a long time and thus have the experience needed to ensure you get the materials you need. Our products range from G1-G7 base materials, crushed stone, and crushed sand to super and washed or unwashed plaster sand, in addition to gabion and dump rock.

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