Aggregate Materials in Bulk

A Few Basics of Buying Aggregate Materials in Bulk

Knowing which aggregate materials you require in bulk is essential before you place your order. However, we understand that, with the wide range of aggregate materials available today, terminology can become confusing, especially when bulk suppliers use different terms to describe the same materials. Fortunately, our team of experts knows our products well and are thus in the ideal position to help you make an informed buying decision. The main characteristics to consider when ordering are:

  • Water-absorption capacity.
  • Grading.
  • Dust content.
  • Density.
  • Shape of particles.
  • Size of particles.

Factors such as climate, cost, distance from the supplier to the delivery site, and quality must also be taken into account. To this end, you will appreciate our ability to deliver in quantity at any site in Gauteng. Our prices are competitive and you can rely on us for timeous delivery.

Aggregate Materials

What Concrete Aggregate Materials In Bulk Are

It refers to a range of coarse materials such as crushed stone, gravel, and sand to be mixed with cement and water to make concrete. The materials provide for strength in the concrete mix. Cement, alkali, or gypsum can be used to bind the sand, crushed stone, or gravel. It is essential to determine the right ratio of water to binding material for the particular project. Other factors to consider range from environmental exposure to the surface-volume ratio and more. We recommend talking to our sales consultants regarding the grading of each of the aggregates to determine its suitability for your construction project.

Base and Sub-Base Applications

Such aggregate materials are needed in bulk to act as the support in pavements or road layering. These materials are used as bases and sub-bases. As such, hard and durable rock aggregate is needed. It is essential to consider the hardness and particle shape for layering, as these qualities affect the workability of the material and the compaction that is possible. Aggregate materials are, furthermore, needed in bulkfor road surfaces. In this instance, a bitumen binder is used to bind the aggregates together. Layers are applied in a mosaic pattern. Several such surface layers may be needed, depending on the project.

These are just a few very cursory explanations. We highly recommend speaking to our consultants about the types available from us to determine their suitability for your particular construction or road-building project. We offer an extensive range of products and provide delivery, as well as truck-rental services throughout Gauteng.