Sand Suppliers in Gauteng

Help from Suppliers in Gauteng – Choosing Horse Arena Sand

If you plan to build a dressage ring or have been contracted to, you need large quantities of sand and you need to find reliable sand suppliers in Gauteng. They must be able to provide the grade of sand required and the volume you need. Of course, you will want the sand delivered to the site and experienced bulk-sand suppliers in Gauteng should be able to do that. We have the sand you are looking for, in addition to the trucks for delivering it in large quantities to your site in Gauteng. Having dealt with where to find reliable sand suppliers in Gauteng, let us move on to the factors to consider when ordering sand for your arena.

Indoor or Outdoor Arena?

Though it may seem as if any sand will do for indoor and outdoor use, the truth is that the sand suitable for indoor riding arenas may not be suitable outdoors. It is essential to choose the right sand for the riding arena as drainage, stability, and other factors play a role in how suitable the surface is.

Correct Particle Size

Also referred to as the grain size, this is the diameter of the particles. Particles of a diameter of 0,42 to 2 mm are described as sand. The gradation of the particles refers to their size. The gradation is determined through a method whereby the material is vibrated through meshes of different sizes, with the smallest mesh at the bottom. If there is a lower number of sieves, it means the particle size is larger and the same applies the other way around. Keep this in mind when you order sand from suppliers in Gauteng.

Underfoot Stability

To understand how the underfoot surface is stabilised, you must understand that the particle shape determines how the grains layer together. Round particles provide for good cushioning because there are voids between the particles. The voids, however, cause instability and loss of traction. Angular particles are characterised by sharp edges. This helps the particles to nest tightly for more traction and good stability. The disadvantage is easier compaction, leading to hardening of the surface. The third shape type is the sub-angular particle. Such particles are ones with sharp edges that have worn off over time. These particles nest well, though a bit of movement is possible. This allows for good traction without the hardness associated with angular particles.

Speak to an expert about the most suitable sand for your arena and call us – your professional suppliers – for delivery of bulk quantities to your arena in Gauteng.