Aggregate Suppliers

Applications of the Raw Materials Available from Aggregate Suppliers

Aggregate suppliers provide bulk materials for various construction projects. As one of the reputable aggregate suppliers to builders, road-maintenance companies, mines, and construction firms, Sand Masters ensures timely and affordable delivery of aggregates for a wide range of applications.

Why Aggregates

Clients order aggregates from suppliers like us for projects like filling concrete cracks or building roads, concrete-based structures, and railways ballasts. Aggregates are essential for strengthening concrete, eliminating the formation of cracks, and promoting water drainage. Most concrete construction projects use a combination of small and coarse aggregate materials to eliminate the need for excessive binding material. With the correct mixture, you can easily reduce waste and contain your prices. Aggregates can consist of materials ranging from crushed stone to gravel and sand – or a mixture of these. Clients unsure of which aggregates to use for their construction projects can ask us for advice.

How the Raw Materials Are Used

The materials are used to provide good resistance to dynamic and static loads experienced by roads and railroads. The purpose is to ensure optimal load distribution and to provide good water drainage. The materials can also be used as concrete aggregate to reduce cracks, strengthen structures such as bridges and columns, and reduce shrinkage. The raw materials are frequently used when building sewerage-treatment plants and water-filtration systems. Indeed, aggregates can be used as both filling and load-bearing materials.

Fibreglass swimming pools, bathtubs, and shower basins require sand aggregates underneath to support loads. Without them, the fibreglass will crack, causing leaks. When it comes to how these raw materials are used in concrete, one needs to keep in mind that the larger the size of the aggregate, the more voids form, leading to cement wastage. The smaller the aggregate, however, the more cement is needed, in turn leading to higher cement costs. It is thus essential to get the right mix, as available from us as one of the leading and most experienced bulk suppliers in Gauteng.

One should also keep in mind that the aggregates used in railway ballasts differ vastly from that used for building roads, for instance. This is so because the surface must carry thousands of tons at a time and, in order to prevent damage to the rail surface, it is essential to use the right aggregates in the right ratios to ensure proper support. Crushed rock with a larger diameter is suitable for providing good support and optimal drainage.

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